Quick Recipes

Elly's Chicken salad:
Fry diced chicken cubes in soy sauce, add garlic and chilli flakes. When brown and tender throw over salad, tinned corn, ripe baby tomatoes and fresh chopped spring onions.
Add fresh basil leaves to decorate

Elly's ensalada de verano:
One mango, one avocado, one red onion and one red chilli pepper - dice and cube.
Add chopped fresh mint over the top
Prepare in a dish the juice of two limes, a dash of olive oil and a glug of sweet chilli sauce and ground pepper - pour over diced salad.

Elly's smoked salmon pate:
Put into blender or pot to mix with hand mixer:
Cut smoked salmon into thin strips (90 grams approx)
2 table spoons of creme fraise
2 table spoons mayonnaise
black pepper
half lemon squeezed
Blend, put into dish and put in fridge to set, serve with melba (and Gravalax if u have it)

Elly's Guacamole:
One avocado
Quarter red pepper chopped finely
2 garlic cloves chopped finely
small onion chopped finely
one table spoon mayonnaise
one table spoon yogurt
few dashes of red hot sauce (left behind in your cupboard!)

Blend and serve cold with sliced carrots and celery (healthy option) crisps and tortilla chips (fattie option!)

Elly's Light lunch:
Squeeze / grate fresh tomatoes
3-4 finely chopped garlic cloves
healthy dash of olive oil

serve cold with warm crusty bread and slices of matured slice cheese (manchego type)


Egg mayonnaise with spring onions, ground black pepper and crab - use fresh crab or crab sticks and serve on small ritz or melba

Elly's cold summer pasta salad:
Make pasta (pretty ones - coloured)
when cold add:
2 boiled eggs
tin tuna
small tin sweet corn
small finely chopped onion
small dash of curry powder for seasoning

Dollop of mayonnaise (can use half natural yogurt - more slimming!)
Elly's spanish omelette 
Raw eggs, boil potatoes, fried onions mix together with ground black pepper (red pepper optional) mash up and fry - make a big one and cut into small squares. Serve in small cubes on toothpick with chilled glass of cava!

Chicken on sticks:

Serve on small stick skewer: serve cold; cherry tomato, lump of cheese and chicken (cooled) cooked in hosin or terrakki sauce.

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